Night time beauty tips

Night time beauty tipsCleansing: It’s essential to cleanse your face before going to sleep. Choose a good cleanser and apply the solution with a washcloth that is dipped in warm water. Finish with a toner to remove excess residue from your skin without eliminating its natural moisture.

Moisturising: Applying a night cream before bed will hydrate your skin while you sleep. Night creams contain different ingredients to day creams – they focus on replenishing and restoring your skin.

Warm bath: After a tiresome day a warm bath can help reduce stress. Bathing increases your blood circulation and adding essential oils to your bath can help relax you. Check out our earlier article about the benefits of essential oils.

Massage: Massaging your body with oil also helps increase your blood circulation, moisturises your body, and can reduce stress – leaving your skin glowing.

Relaxing and restful sleep: Your overall skin appearance will depend upon the sleep you get. If you’re not getting restful sleep, look into powders or scents that you can apply to your face or pillow to fall asleep quickly. Our top pick is an essential oil blend called ‘Harmony’ that you can buy from our salon.

These are our top night time beauty tips – do you have any others? Share them in the comments field below!

If you’d like more information about how to care for your skin at night, visit our beauty salon. We offer skin consultations and can give you tips on what will work best for your skin type.

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