How to: Eyeliner tutorial

How to eyeliner tutorialThe festive season is almost upon us!

And for many of this it means Christmas parties and the ultimate glam-up event – a New Years Eve party!

On special occasions like these, it’s fun to get a bit playful with our make-up and a look that’s hot this year is winged eyeliner.

Applying eyeliner can be a tricky technique to master. There are so many options with the type of eyeliner to choose – brush tip, pen tip, or pot – and there are even more ways you can apply eyeliner.

What’s the easiest, fool-proof way of applying eyeliner to create the perfect winged look?

Today, beauty video blogger Michelle Phan shows us three ways to apply eyeliner from beginners to pros. Watch this short video to learn how.

Thanks Michelle for your helpful tutorial!

If applying eyeliner still seems difficult, you can make an appointment with us to get your make-up professionally done or for a one-on-one make-up class 🙂

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