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‘Tis The Season for red lips, sparkling eyes and perfect nail polish. Christmas is the event on the beauty calendar. If you want help to create the perfect festive make-up look, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our tips below… think shimmering metallics, smokey eyes and glistening cheeks.

Glistening eye shadow

Start your festive make-up look with your eye shadow. This way you prevent loose eye shadow from falling in paces you don’t want it. Apply a neutral base over your eyelid as a primer. Then apply a shimmery mid-strength shade over the top – our recommendation is to go for a metallic shade such as Napoleon’s Amethyst Bling. Build drama into your eye make-up by applying a darker shade in the crease – we like gun-metal sparkling greys such as Midnight Express or you could opt for Black Velvet if you feel really daring. You can carry this shade into the outer edge of your lower eyelid. This will create a smokey look and open your eyes. Grab your lightest eye shadow shade – almost white, silver or gold shimmering colours are best – and apply to your top inner eyelid. Finish the look with eyeliner and mascara. You can add an eyeliner flick or cat eye for extra oomph. If you choose to do this it’s often looks best to not apply eyeliner to your lower rim.

Flawless foundation

With your eyes complete, it’s time to apply foundation. You can use an illuminator or primer to prep your skin and add extra glow. Apply foundation all over your face and carry it down your neck past your jawline (nothing looks worse than a foundation line across the jaw!). It’s best to apply foundation using a make-up brush or sponge. Apply some concealer under your eyes, around your nostrils, between your eyebrows and anywhere else you want to draw attention (as it illuminates) or balance your skin.


There’s a reason we love tinsel and strings of fairy lights – they sparkle and shine and make everything look more beautiful. The same is true for highlighting make-up. To get your own shimmer, sweep a glittering powder over your cheekbones, below your brow bone and on the inner corner of your eyes. If your skin is light, reach for a pink-based highlighter, while those with medium and dark skin should opt for golden tones.

Beautiful brows

Brows do so much to frame your face so don’t forget to focus some attention to grooming them when doing your make-up. Use an eyebrow comb to brush your brows into shape. If you have any bare spots or your brows are light, give them a boost by lightly applying an eyebrow pencil. Start with the top and lower edges of your brow and brush the product into the centre of the brow. It’s important to take it slow when using an eyebrow product as things can quickly get out of control! Check out our earlier article about brow shaping and sculpting.

Glittery lips

Nothing says Christmas like sparkly lips. Shiny lips are always pretty and this season there are so many colours trending – from classic reds to baby pink and even tangerine. In our opinion there’s no better way to honour Father Christmas than wearing bright red! To glam up your lips even more add some clear lip gloss. The one thing to bear in mind when wearing bright lip colours is that all the drinking, eating and kissing you may be doing will wear your colour away so don’t forget to excuse yourself throughout the night to touch up your colour 🙂


The final step in creating your festive make-up look is blush. We leave this until last so you can better judge how much colour you need. With smokey eyes and bright lips, you’ll most likely just need a soft dusting over the apples of your cheeks swept up your cheek bone. Aim for a colour that will complement your lips and eyes so if you have picked pink tones, stay with that.

Video tutorials

Check out these YouTube video tutorials on how to create other festive make-up looks.

Dramatic red lips and cat eyeliner

Soft and feminine

 Professional make-up

If you prefer to sit back and be pampered, let our professional make-up artist create the perfect Christmas look for you. Gabriele has over 20 years of make-up experience and there are a range of professional make-up services to pick from. You can call us on 3284 2218 or visit our beauty salon to make an appointment.

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