Bright eye combo

Bright eye comboThe fragile area around your eyes can be easily affected by the dryer and cooler weather.

To help keep the skin around your eyes plump and smooth, we have introduced a new eye treatment that will not only improve the appearance of your eyes but strengthen delicate tissue.

Available until 31 July, you can enjoy the eye treatment valued at $35 and an eyelash tint valued at $20 – combined value of $55 for only $45!

This special bright eye combo will visibly improve the texture around your eye area, brighten skin tone and plump up fine lines resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Avoid flaky and irritated skin this winter and come in for this bright eye combo treatment today.

The Bright eye combo makes a thoughtful gift idea for Mother’s Day that would be appreciated by any mother.

Call us on 3284 2218 or visit our salon to make an appointment.

Autumn special

Autumn specialTo welcome the Autumn season we are offering a special treatment deal but hurry, it’s for a limited time only!

Until 30 April, you can receive a complimentary foot scrub and paraffin mask with any 1 hour massage. That’s a saving of $50!

What’s a paraffin mask we hear you ask? Paraffin wax masks moisturise your skin while also soothing your body – ideal for people with joint or arthritic pain. Completely pain free, our fully qualified beauty therapist applies the warm wax mask over your feet – while you sit back and unwind, the wax will penetrate nutrients deep into your skin. When the wax dries, it’s removed revealing smooth, soft and subtle skin.

We love pampering our clients and this indulgent treatment package is sure to make you feel unreal.

This Autumn special is only available until 30 April. Book in for your treatment by calling us on 3284 2218 or visiting our salon.

Love is in the air

We’re feeling the love this month!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and we want to help you show that someone special how much you love them… or if you’re single, treat you to blissful pampering to forget all this Valentine’s nonsense!

Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Our NEW ‘Truly, madly lovin’ it’ pamper package

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Slip, slop, slap!

slip, slop, slapOK, it’s time to get serious about sun protection!

Summer is here and that Australian sun is beating down stronger than ever. You know what to do – slip, slop, slap! The sun can cause all kinds of premature ageing including:

  • age spots
  • blotchy pigmentation and tone
  • facial spider veins
  • fine wrinkles
  • freckles
  • loss of tone or firmness
  • roughness. Continue reading

Christmas beauty tips

Christmas beauty tipsChristmas can be such a hectic time of year! Coupled with the humidity and heat of our climate, it can be difficult for us to look and feel beautiful at Christmas. Here are our Christmas beauty tips so you can look your best and feel happy with how you look in Christmas photos!

Festive make-up

Party make-up can be a difficult look to master so check out our festive make-up look article for the full details. The key to looking great is to put on your eye shadow first. Then apply your foundation and any other make up you want to wear. This way you prevent loose eye shadow from falling in paces you don’t want it. Continue reading

Festive make-up look

‘Tis The Season for red lips, sparkling eyes and perfect nail polish. Christmas is the event on the beauty calendar. If you want help to create the perfect festive make-up look, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our tips below… think shimmering metallics, smokey eyes and glistening cheeks.

Glistening eye shadow

Start your festive make-up look with your eye shadow. This way you prevent loose eye shadow from falling in paces you don’t want it. Continue reading

Body brushing

body brushingSwimsuit season is hear… meaning it’s time to bare some skin!

While we may not have a supermodel’s body, we can achieve firm and glowing skin.

We regularly talk about the benefits of body brushing because it works! Just a couple of minutes each day can increase your circulation, tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Body brushing will also open your pores releasing stored toxins. Continue reading

Best supermarket beauty buys

With the season of spending well and truly here, it’s nice to know you can find some bargain beauty buys from your local supermarket and keep looking fabulous all season long!

Over the years we’ve tried and tested so many products and present to you here our top finds.

Maybelline baby lipsMaybelline baby lips – without a doubt our favourite lip balm. This product is a must in our handbag! It will keep your lips smooth and moisturised for 8-hour hydration, helping to plump your lips and enhance the look of your lipstick. You can pick this product up almost anywhere including most chemists and supermarkets, including from Woolworths for just over $4.

Body brush – we regularly preach about the benefits of body brushing. It helps to improve your body’s circulation, firming your skin and helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite. You can pick up a body brush for under $7 from your local Woolworths. Continue reading

Night time beauty tips

Night time beauty tipsCleansing: It’s essential to cleanse your face before going to sleep. Choose a good cleanser and apply the solution with a washcloth that is dipped in warm water. Finish with a toner to remove excess residue from your skin without eliminating its natural moisture.

Moisturising: Applying a night cream before bed will hydrate your skin while you sleep. Night creams contain different ingredients to day creams – they focus on replenishing and restoring your skin.

Warm bath: After a tiresome day a warm bath can help reduce stress. Bathing increases your blood circulation and adding essential oils to your bath can help relax you. Check out our earlier article about the benefits of essential oils.

Massage: Massaging your body with oil also helps increase your blood circulation, moisturises your body, and can reduce stress – leaving your skin glowing.

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